Start NPC Axelle - Timeless Woods
Type Story Quest
Level 1

100 Exp10Copper

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Making the Rounds

Axelle (Timeless Woods)
You probably don't remember me, <player>, but I was on the beach after that storm. Not long after you headed up to the cliffs. The demons descended, and everything went black.

You're brave to come back here. Hardly anyone survived, and no one's seen Commander Elleon since you battled that kumas monster.

We have control of the northern part of the island, but even here we aren't entirely safe. You should check in with Legate Lam. He can tell you how the search for Elleon is going.


  1. Speak to Axelle to acquire the quest.
  2. Speak to Lam to complete the quest.


Quest ChainEdit

  1. Dawn's Early Light
  2. Making the Rounds
  3. The Secret Life of Trees
  4. Elleon's Fate
  5. Traces of Darkness
  6. Essence of Foreboding
  7. Live by the Sword
  8. Acharak Attacks
  9. A Clue in the Dark