Start NPC Nivek - Timeless Woods

The World of TERA

Type Story Quest
Level 5
Requirements Level 4

1,500 ExpTier 1 Common Boots

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Nivek (Timeless Woods)
It's tough keeping morale up here. After the massacre, the survivors held on-but barely. I've been doing my part by cooking up piglings-chops,bacon,roasts,and the like.

This crazed ghilliedhu, Vekas, keeps killing all the piglings, though! This post is miserable enough, but living without meat? No soldier should have to endure that.

Kill Vekas and I'll use him to smoke the best rashers of bacon this side of Kaiator!


  1. Speak to Nivek to acquire the quest.
  2. Kill Vekas.
  3. Speak to Nivek to complete the quest.


Quest ChainEdit

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  3. The Secret Life of Trees
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